Spend less time on break/fix and more time getting your job done

Professional IT Support for your Small or Medium Business

Managed BITS – as your IT Manager, we consolidate your business technologies and ensure the vendor responsible delivers the right business solution for you.

You may have a different support representative for many of the services we facilitate. Each of these support representatives or vendors will have ‘blinkers’ on when it comes to your business. They only care about how to make their system work, not what other systems they will break in the process or how their system could integrate with other systems you have.

  • Take the hassles out of IT by creating a partnership with us as your consulting IT Manager.
  • Managed BITS will take care of anything ‘Technology’ and help you get the most from your IT investments.
  • Leverage our experience and expertise, to manage your entire IT environment.
    • Or work with your current staff or vendors to get the most from your hard earned dollar.
  • From either a monthly managed IT service rate or ‘ad hoc’ hours, it´s your choice to suit your business requirements.
  • We don’t pretend to know everything, when necessary we engage the services of specialists to assist your business.
  • We facilitate the sourcing and research to find the best products or specialists for your business.
  • It´s the big picture of your Business IT Systems and they need to align for you to get the most from the technology you invest in.

  • Don’t tolerate a services provider that is just a reactive support company
  • We ARE NOT the ‘IT Guy’ you call only when your PC is broken
  • Get more from your Business IT Systems with our unique approach.

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